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Registered Office :
FEDERATION OF RAJASTHAN EXPORTERS B-15, Vinayaka Appartment, Prithiviraj Road, C-Scheme, Jaipur-302001 Tele/Fax
: 0141-2228265 Email: fore@fore.org.in Website : www.fore.org.in


To protect the interest of all such industries of Rajasthan together with their ancillaries which are engaged in Export- Import Trade by devising means for their product quality up gradation and exploring avenues for their sales promotion.

To promote and inculcate awareness co-operation and friendly attitude amongst Rajasthan Exporters.

To act as a representative body of all those business enterprises engaged in earning foreign exchange.

To offer assistance to all those enterprises who are likely to start export and assistance in binding a market for their products.

To endeavour for quality up gradation of their products.

To establish a resource center containing books, periodicals and other export related literature.

To enter into MOU with Government or their authorized representative or any organization which may help in the promotion of the objectives of thr Federation.

To procure and distribute information related to technical, product development and other such related matters for the benefit of Fore Members.

To send Trade representatives in various states of India and also abroad to boost exports.

To represent grievances of Exporters before the State/Central government or semi- Government authorities and make efforts to solve their problem.

To help In solving the controversial issues either amongst exporters, or by way of appeal before any court of justice by acting as mediator or as representative of the industry.

To develop research for technical up gradation and also product growth in the export trade from the angle of Finance Economic, and State rules and regulations.

To act as a medium for solving problems created by labour engaged in the factory producing export goods.

To interact on goodwill basis with other Chambers of Commerce or Federations looking after export related problems for any viable solution in the particular

To join or enrol member or take management of any of those organizations or individuals who may be helpful in promoting objectives of 'FORE '.

To form such Trust which may be found useful by FORE members in relation to movable or immovable property of the trust beneficial to 'Fore'* or even to deliver them to any other organization.

To purchase or sell either on lease or outright or arrange to get such conveniences for 'Fore' which are found useful in the long run.

To arrange for loan or by means of subscription for the money required from time to time to achieve objectives of 'FORE'.

To arrange , accept , register any such promissory note or payment thereof and also sale thereof and even mortgage. property for the benefit of FORE members.

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